Sniper Elite developers, Rebellion, have recently revealed their virtual reality reboot of the gaming classic Battlezone.  Following the reaction from fans they’ve also announced a remake of the 1998 Battlezone, an FPS/RTS hybrid for the PC.

A post on their website explains that the studio recieved more and more requests from fans, asking for information on the newer game.  The studio wrote, “Naturally when we made our announcement last week some of you asked, “But what about the newer Battlezone games? What are you doing with them?

“Well, we’ve read your comments, articles, emails and posts and we’ve seen your love for these games – so we wanted to make another brief announcement:

“We’re very pleased to reveal that we’re also working on a remaster of the 1998 Battlezone for PC.”

The studio have shown great love for the fans of different Battlezone games, and have promised that no matter which game they prefer the fans will never be forgotten.

Not much else is known about the game but Rebellion have promised to keep fans informed as soon as they can.

This Battlezone remake is far different than the other one Rebellion are working on.  The other remake focuses more on graphical style and the arcade roots of the original.  That remake is being developed for PlayStation 4 and PC for use with virtual reality headsets.

Are you a fan of the Battlezone series?  Which remake are you more stoked for?  Let us know in the comments below.

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