EA is reviving their PGA Tour series with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, coming to the PS4 and Xbox One this July. Previously using Tiger Woods’ name, this new game brings reworked controls and physics to the long-running golf video game series.

EA’s new PGA Tour title will include new controls that allow the player to choose how they want to experience the game. There are 3 different way to control your golf swing: arcade, where you simply flick the control stick; Pro, which requires a bit more finesse and practice; and the classic 3-button control scheme. Each has its own qualities and allows the player to choose the one best suited for their play style and level of skill.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has a variety of courses to play on, and will pre-load all 18 holes for each course to reduce the loading time – previous games loaded one hole at a time, which made the experience pretty slow. Players can play a variety of the PGA’s top tournaments and championships, including the Masters.

Being on the current generation of gaming hardware, this new PGA title looks and feels impressive, too. The graphics look amazing, and the game’s physics feel pretty solid.

If you’ve fancied EA’s PGA Tour games in the past, Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour should rekindle your interest – pick up a copy on July 14th for the PS4 and Xbox One. For more E3 coverage, tune in to Gamespresso!

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