Shenmue III’s Kickstarter page has been updated, detailing stretch goals that reach up to 11 million. The update also includes information as to when it was decided that Shenmue III would be receiving a Kickstarter.

The post, along with a video, includes some of the thought process behind going to Kickstarter, and how that would effect the games creation.
“When it was decided Shenmue 3 would be a go on Kickstarter, Yu-san methodically structured how the game would fit together, knowing that it would change depending on how much could be raised here. The different elements of the game would form a scaffold, building up from each new system and mechanic that would enhance the game as a whole.”

The full update can be read on the Kickstarter page. The idea behind a Kickstarter for a game is to raise money for the initial development. After Sony’s announcement about helping to fund the project, its right to bring into question the reason why we need to hit the stretch goals to ‘unlock’ all of the planned features for Shenmue III. Still, Yu Suzuki insists that regardless of whether the stretch goals will be met – the sequel will be true to the first two games.

The Shenmue developers have (thankfully) left the live Q&A in the Twitch Archive, which we’ve embedded below. The Q&A took place at 7pm pacific on June 26th, or 2am for those in the UK. Be sure to check out the video for all the info you can fit into a 50 minute period.
Watch live video from Shenmue3Official on Twitch

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