You can now sign-up to gain access to The Division’s beta when it releases. The beta releases first on the Xbox One in December and then afterwards in “early 2016” for the PC and PS4.

The only way to guarantee that you gain access to the beta is to pre-order the game. If you are still not sure whether to purchase The Division you can sign-up at the website and be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list does not guarantee a spot in the beta, but if Ubisoft decides to open the gate for more players, you will have a good chance to gain access.

The Division is an upcoming open-world third person shooter role playing game. It will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and is scheduled to release March 8, 2016.

If you want to sign up for the beta or wait-list click here. It is important to note that this is necessary for people that pre-ordered the game as well. When you sign-up they will tell you to type in your beta code, if you do not have one you will automatically be put on the wait-list. You must have a UPlay account to sign-up.

There are limited number of beta access codes, so if you are not planning to pre-order the game, make sure to sign-up for the beta as soon as possible. Those that do pre-order the game can sign-up whenever they want as they are guaranteed a spot in the beta.

For more information about The Division and the beta make sure to stay tuned in at Gamespresso.