Kabam, developers of Marvel: Contest of Champions, have released a trailer for their next mobile game Star Wars: Uprising.

Star Wars: Uprising is an RPG set between the Original Trilogy’s Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Players are said to be able to create their own character and carry out missions to improve skills and earn new gear.

Unfortunately, this cinematic announcement trailer features no gameplay so it is still unclear as to what the player will be tasked with doing in-game.

Regardless, the storyline seems to be a fairly conventional one if the trailer reflects the narrative of the game – It looks like players will work alongside a rag-tag band of “ill-behaved” characters from Lucas’ classic mythos such as Jabba the Hutt to overthrow a successful and seemingly totalitarian Empire. Plenty of blasters are on display too, so combat is dead central. However, this is still a CG trailer, therefore this is speculation based solely on this cinematic so nothing can be sure as yet.

You can view the trailer in full below.

The Star Wars: Uprising website features three small images, each describing some of the activities players will be carrying out. Each one is detailed hereafter.

Real-time Co-op

  • This image shows us the only real hint at gameplay we might experience – the game appears to hints at a third-person action-RPG style game, with players teaming up to form “powerful crews of allies” in co-operative fighting against the Empire. It is unclear how this multiplayer will occur as yet.

Deep Customization

  • This second image shows us what is presumed to be the inventory system and hints at players choosing from a range of “species, skills, visual customizations and Classic Star Wars” gear to create your own unique character.

Shape the future of the universe 

  • This last still shows a Star Destroyer and the famed ice planet Hoth, stating that we will join players in “sector-wide combat” to “dictate the expansion of in-game content,” such as “new planets, exclusive gear and unique crew members.”

Potential players can explore the home page to read more about some of the characters and environments, and can pre-register their email address (creating a Kabam account) in order to gain access to exclusive content upon release this fall.

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