After E3, StarFox Zero became one of Nintendo’s most anticipated games. There has not been a new StarFox console title since 2005’s StarFox Assault. While the world is ready for a more modern StarFox game, the the ever popular Amiibos will not play a role in its gameplay.

Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyamoto, told Kotaku in an interview that there would be no special content or modes that specifically needed an Amiibo to unlock. In a translation of his words, he explained, “In terms of being able to unlock content, I don’t really want to go down that path.” In feeling that people would most likely tap their Fox Amiibo while playing the game anyways, Miyamoto said there could be a a different skin or something along those lines available.

There are many gamers out there who wish this would be the thought process behind more games, like Gamespresso’s own Martin. StarFox Zero will be released this holiday.

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