Originally discovered by YouTube user StylesX2 and later picked up by MasterofHyrule, also on YouTube, the video shows Pac-Man brawling with a few characters in Super Smash Bros.

Everything seems normal until Pac-Man simply lays down a trampoline and jumps, leaving a space on the floor of which the opponent can fall through. The player can try to jump back up through this magical hole in the floor but most tumble to their deaths.

As comical as it is to watch, it is something that should be ironed out before the upcoming EVO 2015. The glitch was only recently discovered so it’s unclear whether this glitch has been in the entire game up to this point or introduced in a patch.

Try it out yourself before the eventual fix. It’s a fun way to mess with your friends and raise the salt levels.

Sources: Polygon, YouTube: MasterofHyrule

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