With TI5 looming closer; teams are fighting their way through tournaments and getting practice in before the big one. Valve’s been just as busy reaching out to shoutcasters. Thanks to the tidy stalkings over at the Dota 2 subreddit, there is a list of known casters that will be attending the TI5 and be assisting in castings for the match.

So far for the english-speaking casters, there will be: TobiWan, BlitzaDota, ODPixel, GoDZ, KotLGuy, Zyori, PyrionFlax, SyndereN, Purge, Capitalist, Draskyl, Wagamama and Winter. The analyst desk crew will feature Merlini, 7ckngMad, Nahaz and Sheever. NoxcilleZA will be on statistical duty, Hot_Bid will be doing interviews and the cameramen will be Weppas and skrff.

The russian-speaking casters will be AdekvatTV, Malestorm, mob5ster and MistaFaker with NS on the analyst desk and xeozor for interviews.

Finally, on the chinese broadcast team will be; Haitao, Xiaotian, DC, Laodang, MuMu, BBC, Zycj, Freeagain, AMS, PC Cold, Dance, 78, Lin, Miao, Watt and CuoJue will be participating.

There are loads of other personalities such as SUNSfan that didn’t make the cut sadly but they will be coming into watch as well; and we hope they have fun irregardless. That said, hopefully there will be another wave of invites just like in KotLGuy’s case where he managed to get an invite at the last minute.

Lots of famous personalities on the Dota 2 circuit to enjoy and we hope they have a great time and do a great job casting! TI5 is coming and I am super excited to see it play out!

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