Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End developer Naughty Dog has recently released more knowledge about the frame rate for the upcoming action-adventure game. Speaking with Gamespot, lead designer Kurt Margenau said that Naughty Dog is targeting 60fps for the game’s multiplayer mode. He would not commit to a number for the single-player campaign. He did say, however, “If you look at the demo, and just how much is happening on the screen…physics…It’s insane,” about the single-player demo shown at E3.

Naughty Dog has already said that trying to get Uncharted 4 to run at 60fps has been “really f**king hard.” The game still has time to figure this out though, as the date for release was pushed back a year, with the new release date set for 2016.

“We want Uncharted to look like the best game we can possibly make,” Margenau said. “Solid frame rate is the most important thing; that it’s consistent. But in multiplayer, we are targeting 60fps still. So we know how it feels on the stick to have [60fps] for a multiplayer game, to have that responsiveness.” This is good news, at it means that Naughty Dog is trying it’s best to get the best for Uncharted 4, as this will most likely be the final game. If this means that the frame rate is slightly lower, than so be it. Resolution will still be 1080p, meaning that the game will still look beautiful.


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