Do you hate crowds more than the dark?  Do you dislike creepy-crawlies more than blood and gore?

These are just a few of the questions Until Dawn will ask you before you begin your terror-filled night in the upcoming PS4 horror exclusive. 10 minutes of gameplay from the game were revealed on the PlayStation Access YouTube channel showing how the game will change and adapt based on whether you choose to admit what truly scares you the most.

The portion of the game shows off its beautiful visuals, while also revealing how it can be truly horrifying. Sam, played by Hayden Pannettiere, is forced to either run or hide at crucial moments in the game, which we already know is just one of many choices that will resonate throughout the entire game and ultimately decide which of over 1,000 different endings you may end up with.

The use of the DualShock 4 was also shown off in the video, not only to control characters and their interactions, but also in ways such as pointing at objects or choices and shining your flashlight.

Until Dawn is heading to the PlayStation 4 exclusively on August 25. The game, which was originally announced in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, has been revamped and reconstructed for the PS4. Don’t know much else about it? Check out all you need to know about the game right here.

Are you down to share your deepest fears in Until Dawn at the end of the summer? Let us know below!


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