Valve announced they have started shipping SteamVR developer edition kits, in a post by Valve employee Chet Faliszek on the SteamVR community forum.

This first wave has shipped out an extremely limited number of development kits. The kits found their way into the hands of “ major movie studios, triple A developers, and small indie teams working on their first title”. Valve will continue to send out development kits through spring and well into summer.

According to Valve, the kit includes “ a headset, 2 Lighthouse base stations, 2 wireless Steam VR controllers, various cables, instructions, and everything else needed to get started”.

HTC CEO Peter Chou had this to say about the device, “We achieved this once before with our development of smartphone technology. And through our partnership with Valve, we’ll now be doing this for a second time with VR technology of which consumers could only previously dream.”

The SteamVR, made in conjunction with HTC, was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The device will be available for consumers by the end of the year.

Below is a short video about the project.