A new Xbox One update is now available to download, but don’t go getting excited just yet.

It turns out the update doesn’t add any new features or at least not anything you’ll notice. It is “Just behind the scenes stuff” as noted by Mike Ybarra on twitter.

However, Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb added a little something of a tease. Also commenting on twitter he stated: “Just a few behind the scenes changes to prepare for the future”. Usually updates that only affect the back-end address stability issues and the like.

As this update is to prepare for the future we can only assume the next one will add something substantial. Or at least hope it’s something substantial – with E3 within touching distance we may find out soon.

E3 runs from June 16th – June 18th, keep it here to get all the news from the event.

Source: Gamespot

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