The details are very scarce at the moment, but just this morning Atlus and Vanillaware, creators of the upcoming Odin Sphere remake, Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir, are teaming for work on a new secret project.

The teaser video is very reminiscent of an old monitor, like that you see in the Alien movies or recent game Alien: Isolation. The way the new Atlus logo appears reminds me of the opening of said movie, when it is slowly pieced together on the screen.

The “T” gets an almost ominous color effect as the music and sound effects ramp up, and then we get some green-on-black Matrix-style tech writing, “NEW PROJECT”, the apparently unofficial title of this game. The graphics stay with the green/black theme but we are treated to a circuit board face reminiscent of Shodan from the System Shock series and the Vanillaware logo with the same treatment. Finally, it ends on a more simpler green-on-black text, “MORE DETAILS COMING IN SEPTEMBER”.

Beyond that we’ll just have to wait until September (right in time for the Tokyo Game Show) to get any more information on this new IP from this partnership.

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