The International 5 is a massive deal, and there’s just been so much hype over it. Being that it boasts the highest prize pool in eSports history and the publicity it has received through coverage over the internet and even TV reporters has tipped the scales in how big this event will be. For those who couldn’t get a ticket into the event, there will be cinema events in certain places around San Francisco that will show the finals match so that you can go to and cheer for your favorite team with other like minded people!

You can buy tickets for these events and also get a look at which theatres will be hosting the grand final through this link. The site shows a limited amount of venues that will have these events; but that doesn’t stop people from hosting their own venue for viewing the grand matches! Valve had given people the option to create their own places called ‘pubstomps‘ and invite people in the local area to come on in and participate!

The amount of hype and expectations for the TI5 is exceedingly high, and for good reason! We get to see the titans of the Dota 2 eSports scene duke it out and win not just the 1st place prize pool pot, but the prestige and the title of the world’s best! The finals match will be on the 9th of August; merely less than a month away. Get cracking and join in if you’re free! Get a chance to cheer on for your favorite teams with other people!

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