2K have released a video detailing the contents of the upcoming Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion, Rising Tide.

The newest addition to Sid Meier’s Civilization series released to mixed fan reviews with many citing the game as nothing more than an expansion to Civilization 5, rather than the desired spiritual successor to previous Sid Meier series, Alpha Centauri.

The Rising Tide expansion is Firaxis’ first attempt to bulk out Beyond Earth, as well as to repair problems raised by fans. The pack is mainly water-focused with the introduction of water exploration and the ability to create cities at sea. Aside from the naval supplements, the expansion completely redoes the diplomacy system and introduces a new artifact system; alien relics you can find during exploration that can be exchanged for an immediate buff or held on to in the hopes of bigger rewards like unit upgrades or buildings.

The pack will also feature new species of aliens and four new factions, including the Al Falah featured in the video above. Rising Tide will be available for download this fall for $30/£20.

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