If you’ve played Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid, then you know the terror of the insta-killing Gorgons. These near-invincible enemies remove you from time if they so much as look at you.

After nearly a year since launch, several Guardians have finally done something no one thought was possible. They killed every Gorgon in the “stealth” section of the Vault of Glass.

Gorgons have a huge amount of health, and it usually takes a combined assault of rockets to even bring one of them down. In addition, the Gorgons who survive become stronger every time one of their brethren is killed. The fact that this team was able to eliminate every Gorgon without being seen is highly impressive.

In the above video, all six fireteam members coordinate an assault on the first Gorgon, then join back up to take down the remaining two.

Reddit usersZpevo and Demolitionwolf are credited with the impressive feat.