The way quests and bounties work in Destiny is going to be altered a bit when The Taken King launches this September.

In this weeks update on the Bungie website, Creative Director Luke Smith explains a bit about the changes coming to quest/bounty system.

He tells how the aim is for quests to work more like how exotic bounties currently do, for them to be multifaceted experiences. It doesn’t stop there either, Smith goes on to state:

The Taken King was built with Quests in mind, but we didn’t want to ignore the Year One content in this global change. So as a part of this update, we’ve taken all Destiny content and – for lack of a better term – “questified” it.

Quests and bounties will now be found under a new menu page, and viewable in the HUD. Bounty slots will be increased 16 and can be turned in from that page. No more having to travel back to the tower just for that, rejoice.

Destiny is out now and The Taken King expansion is released on 15th September for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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