Having only reformed after a turbulent team history that resulted in team shuffles and disbanding, the current player roster for mousesports has now also disbanded following their loss during The International 5 qualifier rounds. The decision was an amical split; allowing the team members to pursuit their own personal goals in their own direction.

The post made on mouseports’ facebook page by several members of the team was as follows:

We’re sad to say goodbye to our Dota 2 players as well as their manager and coach. After a rollercoaster ride since the start of 2015 and the official team presentation in May, the team concluded to part ways to pursue other, individual tasks and asked to be released them from their running contracts. We would like to thank Dominik, Sam, Johan, Max, Peter, Phil and Mario for their engagement and the thrilling run in Starladder S18 Finals, the TI5 qualifiers and the joinDOTA MLG Pro League Finals. It has been a pleasure working with you and we’re positive that everyone will make their way in their further career. This is not a farewell as we’re hoping to meet everyone again in the future someday.

“It was a disappointing run for our Dota 2 squad this spring. After a number of strong showings, we fell one game short of going to Seattle for The International. It’s the kind of loss that leaves you numb and searching for the next step.

Each player took time after the deciding match to evaluate
next steps and priorities. When the team reconvened qojqva had already chosen to step away from professional play for a time and BuLba and Black^ decided that pursuing coaching for the next few months would help them gain the insights they need for their own roads to TI 6. Wayto and pieliedie also felt time away from the game for their own reasons would best meet their needs.

Mouz had hoped to maintain the roster into the Majors, but, with each player set on their own course, agreed to grant each player their release. We thank each of them for their time with the organization and wish them the best in their next endeavors.” – Phil Aram (Team Manager)

“Thanks to mouz for everything they gave us. Sadly things didnt go the best way for our team and it was an unfortunate ending. They still helped us out when we needed it so we all appreciate them for that.” – Sam “BuLba” Sosale

“A big thanks to mouz once again, even though this time our work wasn’t as successful and long lasting as we’d hoped, the support they gave us was outstanding, and they really did their best to make us feel as comfortable as possible. Also a big thanks to them for letting all of us pursue our next opportunities. It was a pleasure to work with mouz,


Several members of the team decided to step away from the professional scene for a while, some have decided to go into coaching and others just needed some soul searching. It’s become apparent that the team worked as hard as they possibly could, and ‘falling short of going to Seattle for The International” definitely did make them re-evaluate their future. It’s a gutting story to hear, but as the post reassures fans, it’s not the last time for these people to ever be heard from again, they’ll be back some day.