The zombie killing survival game is set to add in vehicles in a new DLC, as teased in a video from developer Techland.

In the video titled ‘Half a Year with Dying Light’, Techland showcase the DLC that has come out for the game since its release six months ago. Included in this was the latest DLC, The Bozak Horde, which came out in May.

It then teases ‘and we’ve still got more’ at the end; for dune buggy enthusiasts that sweet engine revving will get you excited. The excerpt doesn’t say whether or not the vehicles are going to be present in the original Harran map, or if they will come in a completely different area.

The developers are really putting all their resources into Dying Light, and chief exec Pawel Marchewka even had to say that they’re ‘thinking about something really of bigger scope’ when talking about the future of the game. So, we’re looking forward to the fourth expansion, and many more to come.

Techland have even dropped their fantasy game Hellraid to focus on Dying Light – I guess it’s difficult to keep up when there are so many rival zombie games to compete with.

You can watch the trailer, here:

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