Project Brazil is a huge mod for Bethesda’s shooter Fallout: New Vegas. The mod was not planned to release until March 2016, but that seems to have changed with the upcoming release of Fallout 4.

Project Brazil is a massive mod for Fallout: New Vegas, adding a new story and characters. It has been in development since 2011, with the first installment having been released in 2013. The team behind the mod has been working on the second part since then.

The second part of Project Brazil was due in March 2016, but is now planned for a November release. This is due to the recent reveal of Fallout 4. Speaking with GameSpot, project leader Brandan Lee stated that the announcement shortened the team’s development time, although the mod will move forward unchanged.

Lee states: “The only thing [the reveal] affected on the project was [that] we decided to expedite our already really tight schedule from a release in March [2016], to a more contracted release in October-early November. I had fallback options already planned in case we lost a team member or something tragic happened, and we enacted that plan when we heard F4 was releasing.”

Lee continues that the decision to release the mod early came from the desire to give fans a complete story before Fallout 4 overshadowed Project Brazil. “I want to get [Project Brazil’s] final installment out before F4 launches so that everyone who has been cheering for us for so long can get back into our story and give it a fitting end that feels final.”

“Our fans have been very supportive of us and very patient, and they deserve that solid ending as much as we deserve a clean end point on this five-year journey.”

Lee also mentions that is not going to always stick with Fallout: New Vegas. The mod is being designed with the future in mind, and the team is hoping to move over to Fallout 4 in the future. “All of the new 3D art assets I’ve been developing are… current-gen assets, designed with a future engine in mind. I’ve been making them this way since last March, keeping one copy for GECK [the New Vegas mod tools], [and] one for Marmoset 2 and Unreal Development Kit (which will mean these are all ready for Fallout 4!).”

Project Brazil takes place before Fallout: New Vegas. Players explore what is left of Los Angeles. Gamers enter the battle between the Raiders and New California Republic factions, who are fighting over territory on southern California’s I-15 highway. Players have the ability to side with either faction. The decision is irreversible, and leads into two completely different storylines.

Characters in Project Brazil are fully voiced. There are new companions, who players can take back into the main game after completing Project Brazil.

Fallout 4 will release on November 10. It will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Fallout 4 will have mod support for PC and Xbox One, which will eventually come to PlayStation 4.

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