Announced fairly recently, Square Enix has confirmed that yes Final Fantasy Explorers will be coming out of Japan and entering the Western market soon. How soon? January next year soon. Specifically, January 26th for North America and January 29th in Europe soon.

The title was released back in December last year in Japan. No word had come out for a western release and fans were concerned it wouldn’t. Yet here we are, and here it comes; mere months away.


Final Fantasy Explorers is a spin of the franchise, and is a cooperative experience that you can play locally with other 3DS devices nearby or online. You’ll be fighting many monsters and dungeons with in parties and you’ll get to play around with the many ‘classes’ that’s so famous in the Final Fantasy series.

The gameplay demonstrated seemed fun and aside from playing the classes as the white mage or warrior,  you’ll get to use the ‘Trance’ mechanic which either allows you to summon the famous “Summons” or “Guardian Forces” or for this game, “Eidolons”. Or allow the spirit of the legendary heroes to inhabit you and you get to use a character from the main game which would obviously include the likes of Cloud Strife, Terra Branford and Squall Lionheart.


A lot of fan service love and I already know I’m sold! I played the heck out of Final Fantasy 14 and I particularly love the MMO style that Explorers seemingly has with monster fights and dungeon raidings. Very excited for this game’s western release!

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