Good Old Games was launched back in 2008. At the time, XP was the most popular operating system, with Vistas (rocky) release happening in 2007.

Good Old Games allows users to purchase and play games that, if you still own on disc, probably don’t work on your operating system very easily. The idea is to bring games of the older operating systems back to life with a simply ‘install’ button.

With Windows 10 releasing at the end of the month, the question of the compatibility for the purchased games was brought into the light. This was quickly dismissed after the blog post by Good Old Games, which was very insistent that the games would work on Day 1 for Windows 10.

As they’ve worked through testing games on the new operating system, Good Old Games has claimed that Windows 10 has been the smoothest transition they’ve experienced.

Rest assured, your games will continue to work via Good old Games, should you chose to upgrade to Windows 10 on launch.

When launched in 2008, Windows XP was by far the most popular operating system among gamers. Ever since then we’ve meticulously tested our entire library to introduce Day 1 compatibility with every new Windows release. We’ve done it for Windows 7, we’ve done it for Windows 8 – now we’re doing it all again for Windows 10.

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