The newest Humble Bundle is rather different to ones seen in the past. Instead of offering cheap games with a portion of the money going to charity the newest Humble Bundle is for game developing software.

If you’ve ever been curious about game development and wanted to give it a try then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

This bundle is made up of a huge amount of software, development tools and games to inspire you through your creation or attempt at developing your own games.

The bundle includes:

Pay any price:

  • Game Dev Starter Pack
  • Stencyl: Indie Edition 1-Year License
  • Humble Bundle Starer DLC Pack
  • Indie Game Maker Conteste ’14 Finalist Pack
  • Labyrinthine Dreams
  • RPG Maker 90% Off Coupons

Pay more than the average:

  • RPG Maker VX Ace Deluxe Edition
  • Game Character Hub
  • Humble Bundle Sci-Fi DLC Pack
  • Humble Bundle New DLC Pack + $10 Game Dev Fort store credit
  • Aveyond: Lord of Twilight
  • Crimzon Clover World Ignition
  • More to be announced at a later date

Pay $12 or more:

  • App Game Kit 2
  • Spriter Pro
  • Sprite Lamp
  • Humble Bundle Fantasy DLC Pack
  • Goats on a Bridge

That’s almost $2000 worth of game development software for a minimum of $12.

As usual with Humble Bundle buyers are able to pay as much as they want and decide who the money goes to; the developers, the charity groups being supported and now also a competition fund.

The competition fund is for an upcoming competition that anyone can enter; it follows the theme of this bundle as a game development competition.

There is a lot of software here that any new or indie game developer will be interested in so be sure to check it out as there are some very good pieces of software here in the latest Humble Bundle.

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