Images have surfaced of Daniel Radcliffe’s most recent role as GTA Designer Sam Houser in an unofficial production about Rockstar Games and their involvement in a 2005 murder case.

Titled Game Changer, the production is a BBC made-for-TV movie biopic about GTA creator and co-founder of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser. The main focus of the drama will be around a 2005 court case in which Devin Moore shot and killed three police officers at a police station after being booked in for grand theft auto. Bill Paxton will also star as anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson as he seeks to show how the developers of Grand Theft Auto, along with console makers, were partially responsible for the crime.

As with the Grand Theft Auto status quo, the film has stepped on some toes with some original GTA developers stating they aren’t too happy with the way they are being portrayed, especially since Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive haven’t been involved in its production. This has led to Take-Two filing a lawsuit against the BBC over the use of its Grand Theft Auto IP, but not to stop the movie form airing.



Game Changer does not yet have an air date but expect more news to arise from this story in the coming weeks.

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