Recently, there have been a lot of suspensions in the League Championship Series. Gambit Gaming has recently found themselves in a pickle with their AD carry FORG1VEN being suspended for four games.

Four games is a long stretch, but there are only two games left for this LCS season. FORG1VEN has been reported in 70% of his games outside the stage in the past month, with 92% of them being for toxic behaviour. He’s currently in the top 1.5% of toxic players.

Last year, he was in some trouble for toxic behaviour, including verbal abuse and harassment.

Though it isn’t as bad as IWillDominate, who had all of his account permanently banned by Riot due to toxicity and was suspended from playing in the LCS for a year.

Flamers and trollers in game are probably the most annoying part of playing League of Legends. i don’t know how many times I’ve seen people tell their own teammates to uninstall the game, and those were probably on one of their nicer days.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re toxic, you’ll be reported. Get enough reports, you’re banned. It’s as simple as that. You were probably in the same position as most of the people being complained to when you started. And why would you risk losing your job over it?

Don’t be that guy.

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