It finally happened! Over 20 Million copies of Minecraft have been sold on PC for both Windows and Mac. The official website actually features a counter to display the number of PC copies of Minecraft sold.

Last month the combined number of copies sold on Xbox 360 and Xbox One reached the same 20M milestone but it’s not as impressive as one single platform.

Mojang’s Patrick Geuder tweeted out a picture earlier this week showing off some of the Mojang team celebrating the event by documenting the proof on their mobile phones.

Rather coincidentally timed, a new console patch was released yesterday. This new patch brings console versions up to Minecraft version 1.17 and brings a host of new blocks, items and features.

If you’ve grown tired of having a world with mountains and hills then don’t worry, console players now also have the ability to create and customize superflat worlds which are quite popular among PC Minecraft builders.

On top of this feature there’s a bunch of new game options for you to finally play around with without needing to leave your session; game mode, difficulty, player spawn position, ambient cave sounds and the weather can all be changed during your game session.

The classic PC crafting system has been added to console meaning that players will now be able to craft items just like the PC players. This comes with more items to craft such as Stained Glass, Trapdoors and the Book & Quill which is used in so many PC Minecraft adventure maps.

Some new blocks have also been added to the game and console players can finally build their homes with more wood types, fences, gates and doors variations to add some uniqueness to the console Minecrafters home.

For the full Minecraft Patch blog update be sure to check it out here.

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