For several months now, Amiibo support had entered various games on the Nintendo 3DS library including Super Smash Bros., Code Name: S.T.E.A.M and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. With more on its way such as Fire Emblem Fates and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. The problem was, if you didn’t have the New Nintendo 3DS devices, you wouldn’t be able to utilize these features. The NFC readers to enable these features for the older generations of the 3DS have now come up on pre-order at Target.

They are currently priced at $19 USD, with an option to tact on another 10 dollars for a 2 year warranty should you desire. The current ship date as shown on the site is the 25th of September of this year. This date coincides with the given release date for Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Which might suggest that like the Japanese release for the game, there will be a bundle for the NFC with a copy of the game plus the Amiibo cards that coincide with the game. So if you were planning to pick up that game as well and you have a regular 3DS, consider holding off on pre-ordering for now and wait until closer to the release date to see if there will be a bundle.


I’m part of the camp that hasn’t cashed in on the New Nintendo 3DS yet so I’ve been looking forward to the NFC reader; so that I may start using the plethora of Amiibo I have irresponsibly spent for!

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