Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software has spoken a bit about the making of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Despite losing between $10 million and $15 million of his own money, in an interview with IGN he says he “wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world”. “We got to build all of Hadley’s Hope, not just the few hallways of the colony that you see in the film. We built power loaders and APCs and dropships. Holy crap, we went out to The Derelict!” he added.

Addressing the rumours Gearbox used money meant for the development of the ill received Aliens title to fund other projects, he explains, “Firstly, that’s absurd, and secondly the actual truth is the opposite, which is a lot more embarrassing”. Pitchford continues, “We took a huge amount of the money that we’d made off the first Borderlands, invested it into Aliens trying to make it as good as we could, and still ended up disappointing a huge number of people. That’s a whole other kind of failure!”

Personally Randy Pitchford likes the game, and in trying to dispel the myth of some conspiracy Gearbox set out to make a bad game, likens the situation to his favourite bands – “That’s the nature of entertainment – some of my favourite bands who’ve made some of the songs I think are the best in the world have other songs on B-sides that I completely don’t care for. It’s going to happen”.

Also mentioned is a new Brothers in Arms, and the future of Borderlands.

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