Capcom has trademarked what is presumably their next game in the popular survival horror series Resident Evil. The game was registered on July 7 with Europe’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market as Umbrella Corpswithout the typical Resident Evil moniker.

Since its original trademark, it has appeared on the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office as Biohazard Umbrella Corps, possibly implying that the game could be a main series entry instead of a spin-off. Biohazard is, of course, what Resident Evil is titled in Japan.

Capcom has not made any reference or announcement related to this new listing so the nature of the game is completely unknown. Based on the trademark, however, one could safely assume that the game will focus on the Umbrella Corporation, the evil conglomerate of the Resident Evil series responsible for causing a widespread virus that turns people into killing machines. Sounds like it could be a happier entry in the series.

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