Gnomageddon… sounds legitimate. Sony announced a trademark for a possible video game release simply named ‘Gnomageddon’. No further news has surfaced surrounding this ridiculous sounding title, and trademarks like this usually amount to nothing when it comes to Sony. However, we could be looking at something as entertaining as the Rabbids franchise, clever like a Valve title, and successful as the Plants vs. Zombies series. Or, you know…not.

The point being: there is a lot of potential for an idea this outlandish. It’s not complicated, but it can be made into something that everyone can enjoy. It just might be crazy enough to work. Gematsu had a keen enough eye to pick up on the elusive Sony trademark on July 15, and it would warm the hearts of the poor people developing this game if we could all make ‘Gnomageddon’ insanely popular.

So far the game has been listed under generic categories such as “video game software” and “real-time game.” This leaves a lot of open ended questions that can’t be answered by anyone at the time except the good ol’ lads at Sony. Here at Gamespresso we’ll be sure to keep the updates coming for this surely groundbreaking video game.

I’m particularly excited for the news surrounding this game. Maybe it will be a free download off of the Playstation Network. Or it could be a full-priced game (and at that point I might laugh hysterically), but the magic of ‘Gnomageddon’ is that there is an air of mystery about it. Obviously it involves Gnomes and the apocalypse, but there could be so much more to it, and I’m waiting with anticipation to delve into Sony’s creation headfirst. Just remember how stupid the Mario franchise sounds when you word it out. An Italian plumber who jumps a lot and eats mushrooms saves a princess from a Turtle-Dragon-Thingy REPEATEDLY.

Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a video game by its terrible title. Have some faith in Sony, try new things, and as always: good luck, gamers.

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