DICE, the developer responsible for the Battlefield series, are currently working on developing Star Wars Battlefront.  There have been fears that DICE will simply create a Battlefield game with a Star Wars skin, but the developer has now assured fans that this will not be the case.  DICE general manager Patrick Bach had an interview with The Guardian where he stated that Battlefront would not simply be a Battlefield clone.  He revealed that Battlefront would not have squads, deep loadout customization or expansive environmental destruction, which are all trademark features of Battlefield.  Instead Bach maintained that DICE would focus on the things which made the first two Battlefronts so successful.


“We have a strong legacy with Battlefield, but we did not want this to be a Battlefield game,” he explained. “We wanted it to have a heart and soul of its own. We came at it from a very different angle. We know that the core audience of a game like this is different to the Battlefield audience. There’s a crossover, but Star Wars fans expect a Star Wars game, not a Battlefield game. We looked at what Star Wars stands for, rather than asking how can we tweak Battlefield to be something else.”


Bach also mentioned that they were getting complaints that Battlefront was not enough like Battlefield.  He concluded that people would always have concerns and doubts about the game until they are able to play it.  “We’ve had to accept the fact that people will be upset with us until they get to play it. And when people did play it at E3 almost all the negativity went away. We stayed true to what we believed in, and when people saw it, they got it, they agreed that this is a game on its own, it is not Battlefield, and they liked it.”  Being able to play Battlefront at E3 certainly helped to allay some of the fears that people had.  Star Wars Battlefront will release on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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