Those ardent Street Fighter fans who pre-purchased Street Fighter 5 on the PS4 for a chance to test out the beta will have to wait a little longer as Capcom has announced they are taking their servers offline indefinitely.

In a recent(ish) update in the SFV Beta I Feedback Thread on their forums, Capcom aplogized and told users that they are unsure of how long the maintenence will last, but judging by them using the word “date”, it may be a while.

7/24: 07:00am: We apologize for the ongoing issues that users have been experiencing with the SFV beta test. In order to allow us to fix the issues as quickly as possible, we are going to initiate a period of extended maintenance, during which time the beta will be unavailable to all users. We will let you know the date on which the closed beta test will re-open once all problems have been fixed. We sincerely apologize for having to bring this unfortunate news to you. Thank you for your patience. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Prior to this, Capcom allowed PS4 owners who pre-purchased Street Fighter V to start downloading and play in an non-recordable online-only mode to help them test their server netcode. As it would seem, they did just that as issues started cropping up from the start.

It’s not all terrible news, however. While all this was going down (when they still thought it was only going to last a couple of hours), Capcom agreed to extend the beta time. Although they have not made any mention of this, I can only assume they would extend it even more in light of the current situation.

We’ll keep you updated on their progress.

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