Valve have now released a 60 page PDF, which contains statistics on all the teams attending TI5, to all of the teams that will be attending the event.  The statistics include draft-breakdowns, specific itemization patterns and warding patterns.  This is obviously hugely benefits all of the teams, but it specifically helps the teams which do not have full time coaches and/or data analysts.

It is not clear exactly why Valve have released these statistics right now.  Although teams will be happy with the extra information, certain players have expressed their disdain for the move.  Arteezy has spoken out against the release as well as claiming that a caster released these stats when they should have been kept in private for the casters and analysts.  Despite the concern over the release, many teams have acknowledged that they will not be changing their approach to the competition.  The teams will likely only make small adjustments to their gameplay.

Some interesting stats from the document includes:
• Funn1k is the most farmed offlaner attending TI. Taking more than 20% of the team’s total gold.
• EG presents the largest discrepancy between the most farmed player (SumaiL- with 27%) and the least farmed player (PPD – with barely 12% of the team’s total gold).
• Cloud 9 has a stunning 68% win rate when dual laning their hard lane.
• Team Secret presents one of the most interesting support duos: Puppey gets more than double the cs of KuroKy while KuroKy gets twice the amounts of kills, resulting in a slim 2% of the total gold breach between them.

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