Throughout the vast array of achievements in World of Warcraft, the acquisition of various titles is amongst one of the most popular ways to brag about how good you are at the game, or to show of how you’ve spent way way too much time in the game (my own Loremaster title perhaps?). Ranging from the absurd to the down right cool, titles are acquired by completing certain achievements and are proudly displayed for all to see.

With the Fury of Hellfire content patch comes a new title that I for one am very keen to display in front of my character name. Predator. Posting on Wowhead, user Ruiru has found out how to get your hands on the latest awesome character title and how to complete the achievement that earns it. First things first you need to get to revered reputation with The Order of the Awakened in Tanaan Jungle then you can buy the Master Hunter’s Seeking Crystal which is an item that will teleport you to the spawn point of a rare enemy within Tanaan Jungle. If you’re lucky you’ll be teleported to Xemirkol’s spawn point. He’s got 2.6 million health and will try and knock you out of the combat zone with his Shadow Crash ability. Defeat him and earn the Predator title and achievement, piece of cake right?

Are you going hunting for Xemirkol? Or have you already got the title of Predator? What are your favourite titles from the game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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