A little while ago Blizzard introduced WoW Tokens into World of Warcraft. A smart innovation to the game which allowed players to purchase game time for gold via the in game auction house and also sell their paid for Token for in game gold. It is a handy system that goes some way towards preventing illegal gold for cash deals from shady players who randomly pop up in your chat window asking for your money.

I, probably along with many others, didn’t read the small print and I didn’t realise the limits to the amount you could buy. Blizzard have addressed this, not for my sake alone I’m sure, in a post detailing the limits to how many WoW Tokens you can have. They said:

“A maximum of 10 tokens per week may be purchased for real money from the in-game shop, to be sold on the auction house for gold. A maximum of 36 tokens every 24 months may be purchased for gold via the auction house, to be used for game time. Players may only have one type of token in their inventory at one time. If any character on a Battle.net account is currently holding a token purchased from the in-game shop, that player will not be able to purchase a token from the auction house. Likewise, if any character is holding a token purchased from the auction house, that player will not be able to purchase a token from the in-game shop. Players may hold a maximum of 10 tokens in their inventory at one time. This limit is shared across all characters on the Battle.net account.”

So there you have it. Limits put in place likely prevent any players with lots of real money having the monopoly over the auction house prices and at the same time make it so you can’t completely farm your subscription money. So what do you think about the token system? A smart move for a game that struggles to hold subscribers all year round? A quick cash grab? A way to eliminate illegal gold sellers? Or just a different way to use the auction house? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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