The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has never been out of the news when it comes to DLC, and this article is no different – a recent interview with CD Projekt Red’s game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz  has detailed the sheer size of their paid expansions. Tomaszkiewicz claims that the total amount of extra content (around 30 hours worth) is almost as big as the entirety of 2011’s Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.

Talking to Australian outfit GameReactor, Tomaszkiewicz said “The expansion packs will be whole new storylines with all the elements you’ve got in the main story (like cutscenes, new characters, new items, new Gwent cards) and many, many more.”

As it currently stands, the two paid expansion packs (Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine) will add 10 and 20 hours of content, respectively. However, Tomaszkiewicz went on to add that there is a possibility that there might be more for Witcher 3 fans – “It’s possible that they will be bigger, because it’s always like this (that when we plan some time or hours, it’s twice or something like this), but I’m not promising anything right now.”

Confronted with the potential disappointment of having said there MIGHT be more content than initially laid out, Tomaszkiewicz  said that “even now, if you sum up this 10 to 20 hours and you compare it to The Witcher 2, it’s almost the size of The Witcher 2. And it will be cool; it will be new stories, it will be very emotional stories and I think that people will be happy.” In short, not only is the paid downloadable content set to be rich and fully fleshed out in all aspects of Witcher 3, there is essentially an entire sequel headed our way by mid 2016.

Hearts of Stone is set to release this fall, followed by Blood and Wine next year; they can bought together via a season pass for a combined price of $25. For now, we simply need to bide our time with the spades of free weekly DLC.

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