Microsoft has always seemed to lag behind the Sony in terms of sales of the current generation of gaming consoles, only every so often outselling the PS4 for only a month at a time. However success isn’t always measured in competition with your rivals.

The Xbox One has definitely seen some success in the past month as a few features and exclusives shown at E3 generated a new wave of hype for the console’s near future. “This progress, as well as the excitement we generated at E3–with Xbox exclusive gaming content and backwards compatibility–demonstrates the building momentum that exists within the Xbox ecosystem,” says Xbox CFO, Amy Hood.  The undeniable increase of 79% from last year’s Xbox sales has mostly come from the interest in the backwards compatibility and the return of two of Microsoft’s most loved shooters, Halo and Gears of War.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Xbox continue on this upward trend through August as Microsoft also promised to have just as exciting news for Gamescom on the 5th.

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