XO-Gaming-Cypher-41A recent kickstarter for a new title called XO has started just a few days ago. Stating it is a “retro sci-fi strategy game, ” XO seems to run a sort of Battlestar Galactica theme to it. As the commander of a fleet of human military and civilian ships, your job is to maintain food, oxygen, water, and other materials needed to keep everyone alive and content while rescuing other ships and human colonies from an alien threat. As well, you’ll also have to maintain the loyalty and happiness of some of the different ships

The game has received much praise from places like PC Gamer, Kotaku, Square Enix, and even Chris Bourassa, who I personally had the pleasure of interviewing a while back. XO already has well over half its needed funding, and with 27 more days to go, it seems to be a shoe-in for being a successful Kickstarter.

XO plans for a PC/Mac/Linux release sometime around Spring 2016. If you’d like to check out more about XO, check out their Kickstarter page here!


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