This weekend World of Warcraft players can enjoy a bonus to all honour gained from arena skirmishes. Arena skirmishes are a form of unranked arena where players can queue for 2v2 or 3v3 arenas that players can join as partys or queue up for to be matched with other players. The results do not affect your arena rating however.

During this bonus weekend all players will receive the Sign of the Skirmisher buff that triples all honour received whilst competing in these matches. Also there is a quest available from the player garrison that rewards 500 conquest points for winning ten arena skirmishes. Those 500 conquest point do not count towards the weekly cap. In addition each skirmish will reward players with honour points, a randomly generated amount of gold and a random piece of PvP gear for their current specialization.

Honour points can be used to purchase Wild Combatant’s gear, Primal Gladiator’s gear, and Primal Combatant’s gear and conquest points can be used to purchase the best PvP items, Wild Gladiator’s gear and all of these are available from the respective Horde and Alliance camps outside Ashran.

This is just one of the rotating bonus weekend events that Blizzard introduced into World of Warcraft with the most recent content patch as a way to maintain weekly interaction from players and attempt to curb the declining player base. Other events include Timewalking dungeons, apexis crystal events and pet battle events. Have you been taking part in any of these bonus events? Has the introduction of these weekends given you more reason to consistently log on to the game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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