Riot had recently disabled Gangplank from all games following his death in the Bilgewater: Burning Tides event, at the hand of one Miss Sarah Fortune.

Players were upset because they had just put down real money to purchase him and his skins and Riot had declined any refund requests. This is disappointing, as he was a big part of the new event. But, as it turns out, he isn’t actually dead.








Gangplank has also been updated so that his current classic skin becomes Captain Gangplank, free to anyone who plays him in a matchmaking game mode before the event ends on August 10th. If you head over to his update page, you can see what the rework of his abilities are. His W still breaks him free of any snares and slows, and his E no longer gives himself and surrounding teammates a temporary speed-boost but puts down kegs that, when shot at, can slow enemies.

Gangplank will be returning to the rift with the 5.15 patch coming this week with his new updates.

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