For those of you on the Xbox One, you may still be waiting for your Black Ops III Beta access. But for PC players, chances are you already have Beta access – even if you haven’t pre-ordered Black Ops III.

Activison and Treyarch are working on getting all owners of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Ghosts, access to the beta. If you’ve pre-purchased you will, of course, have guaranteed beta access for Black Ops III.

You can find the beta for the game under Steam’s “Games” tab, and download it from there to your library. The beta is expected to be open for all players in the last few days, following the example of the PlayStation 4 Beta.

The beta for Black Ops III will be ending on August 31st, and the game launches November 6th 2015.

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