Rocket League has taken the gaming industry by storm over the last few days, most likely for a number of reasons. Firstly, the game is free with PS+, hence a huge market of gamers were able to access it. Secondly, it’s apparently very good. Thirdly, it’s got football with cars in it. Recipe for success. Well, if you just can’t get enough of Rocket League, rejoice!

The Supersonic Fury DLC is the new DLC pack for the game which adds two new cars in the form of the American muscle car Dominus and the Japanese street racer Takumi. Both can be customized with six different decals. You can only get these cars with the DLC too, so they are certainly exclusive. Supersonic Fury DLC also adds two new rocket boosts called Nitrous and Burnout, as well as two new wheel sets called Cristiano and Spinner. Also included in the package are five new paint types (Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent, and Wood), and new Trophies. Check out the trailer below!


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