It looks like we got two new Ninja Gaiden statues featuring series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa on the way.

Toy maker Multiverse Studio has announced two new Ninja Gaiden statues. The statues are variants of the Ninja Gaiden 3: Ryu Hayabusa statue. The first one is the “Bludgeoning Staff Variant.” The statue features “extra blood and gore,” and has Ryu wielding the Lunar Staff. The statue also comes with the Dragon Sword.

The second statue is the “Retro Blue Variant.” This statue features Ryu’s look from the 1988 NES Ninja Gaiden game. The figure has Ryu wielding two katanas “for extra slice and dice.”

Both statues feature built-in LEDs for “theatrical ambient lighting.” The bases also feature the severed limbs of Ryu’s enemies. You can check out both statues in the gallery below.

Both figures will be available for purchase at PAX Prime in Seattle later this month at the ThinkGeek booth. The figures will run for $300, and are both limited to 100 pieces. All unsold statues will be available to buy at the retailer’s website after the show.