Boss Key and Cliffy B finally revealed Project Blue Streak as Lawbreakers in a Twitch stream earlier today.

Lawbreakers is a 5v5 arena shooter that casts players as either “Laws” or “Breakers” and has them fight each other. Bleszinski was keen to explain that this new title was extremely vertical and that players would never want to be on the ground. Lawbreakers will be outfitted with a wide variety of weapons and gadgets such as jetpacks or grappling hooks, working alongside the players’ ability to ‘manipulate gravity’ to facilitate that verticality.

Multiple playable female characters was a key thing Boss Key included, as Bleszinski wants Lawbreakers to appeal to a wider audience than arena-shooters generally reach. However, this isn’t the main driving force behind his new title; ultimately, Cliff summed what was Project Bluestreak up as a game all about “gangs, guns and gravity.”

Details are naturally limited as of now, but Gamespresso will make sure to report more as they are announced by Boss Key. For now, you can view the first pre-alpha footage that was released back in April at PAX East below:

Lawbreakers is set to release for PC in 2016, and a console release has not yet been ruled out but will appear later if at all.

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