After stepping down from his position of president at Daybreak, John Smedley has decided to completely break from the company. This is following an announcement that he was to take time off and return to a new position.

Daybreak, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, has confirmed with Game Informer that Smedley has officially left the company. No explanation was given for his decision.

Smedley left his position after being the victim of harassment by Julius “Zeekil” Kivimaki. According to Smedley, it was Kivimaki who had Smedley’s 2014 flight grounded due to a tip that there were explosives on the aircraft. Althought Kivimaki was convicted of a myriad of Internet crime charges, he received no jail time as he was 17 years old.

Smedley will continue work with a new company according to Trust in Play. A post on his Facebook page confirms that he is in fact CEO of this unnamed company that is located in San Diego, the same city as Daybreak.


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