Where the majority of the trailers and footage we have seen so far for Destiny’s first full expansion, The Taken King, have highlighted the desperate, ominous nature of the struggle ahead, Bungie’s newest trailer takes a slightly different tone. Still chock-full of Oryx and his terrifying Taken army, the trailer, set to Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog,” shows there’s still some chaotic fun to be had.

Containing little to no new footage, the trailer is much more about setting the mood for the coming expansion. Even in the face of Oryx’s Dreadnaught, the point of Destiny is still shooting aliens with your friends. This is made all the better by a continued emphasis on the characters and the stunning space battle we have seen glimpses of in previous trailers.

Destiny The Taken King is set to release on September 15th for all platforms. Bungie has recently talked about multiple changes coming to the game in the new expansion, including changes to the economy, storytelling, and vault space.

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