Destiny is already getting a lot of new content and changes with its latest expansion, The Taken King, and according to Game Informer, one of the latest updates will make changes to the cooperative Strike mode.

In Destiny, Strikes follow a set path, enemies spawn here, ammo is located over there, and beware of that turret around the corner. In The Taken King’s new Strike maps, that repetition is replaced with variation.

At any given stage of the Strike, Bungie has set up two to three different encounters that players could face. So a Taken enemy faced at a certain point in one play through could be changed to a Cabal in the next. Ammo and stationary turrets will change locations between matches, and for the atmosphere, Bungie recorded multiple dialogue sets for each Strike so players get a different experience each time through.

Matchmaking in Strikes is changing as well. Instead of pairing up by level, now players choose from three different types of playlists. The Vanguard Legacy playlist has Strikes from the vanilla Destiny and previous DLC packs. TheVanguard Marmoset playlist has Strikes only from The Taken King. Finally, the Vanguard Ursa playlist is a random mix of heroic Strikes that reward players with Legendary marks and engrams.

The Taken King is Destiny’s biggest expansion to date and brings with it numerous changes including new exotic and legendary weaponschanges to NPC’s like the Gunsmith, and even changes to Destiny’s economy. Bungie also defended why The Taken King is worth the $40 price tag and why it has a one-time level boost.

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