With Friday being the first day of Destiny‘s weekend, Xur comes to the Tower or the Reef to sell his Exotic wares to players in exchange for Strange Coins. Week after week, the quality of his stock varies, but more often than not there are always a few key weapons missing that rarely make the rounds. Among his stock this week is the fabled Gjallarhorn – that’s right, Guardians; if you don’t have it already, it’s on sale for the next three days.

Gjallarhorn is arguably the most sought-after weapon in Destiny, to the point where players specifically request others must have it when looking for groups to Raid with, and it’s become its own running joke. The Exotic Rocket Launcher packs a mean punch, with rockets tracking their target, and releasing cluster bombs (Wolf Pack rounds) upon detonation that also track their target. Needless to say, it’s understandably in high demand.

Not anymore.

Destiny gjallarhorn

Destiny fans are rejoicing no matter where you look – the Destiny subreddit in particular (complete with Gjallarhorn mouse pointer and raining banner) is running wild with Guardians scrambling to get ahold of their Gjallarhorn.

Although Xur has indeed sold Gjallarhorn once before, much earlier in Destiny‘s days when many players weren’t pining after it, this point in time marks a weekend where the vast majority of players who have been waiting to be randomly rewarded can finally get their hands on one.

Aside from Gjallarhorn, Xur’s stock isn’t too notable this week (because Gjallarhorn) – you can check out the rest of his wares below.

Name Type Stats Cost
An Insurmountable Skullfort Titan Helmet 127 Discipline 13
Achlyophage Symbiote Hunter Helmet 125 Discipline 13
Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Helmet 126 Strength 13
Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher 17
Exotic Shard Material 7
Exotic Engram Gauntlet Engram 23


Name Type QTY Cost
Auto Rifle Telemetry Consumable 5 1
Hand Cannon Telemetry Consumable 5 1
Machine Gun Telemetry Consumable 5 1
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23
“Emerald Coil” Vehicle Upgrade 1 23
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 5 1


The changes are coming thick and fast in anticipation for Destiny’s The Taken King expansion, due to launch on September 15, complete with a revamped economy and a new voice actor for Ghost.

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