The Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been an incredibly successful, and has reached three of the six stretch goals.

Developer Larian Studios has outlined the first six stretch goals for the project.  While covering all of these may end up costing over $1.5 million, three of these goals have already been reached.

Strategist mode is the first of the stretch goals, which required $700,000 to be included, and is described as “for die hard fan, for die hard fans.”  The mode is almost like a throwback to Tactician mode from Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

According to the Kickstarter page strategist mode will increase difficulty using more than just numbers on screen.

“Each and every fight in the game will be redesigned for Strategist Mode so that enemies are smarter, often come in greater numbers and use a host of skills and tactics they won’t use in lower difficulty modes.”

The $850,000 mark has also been passed which means that backers will be able to pick an additional skill tree to be included in the game.  Backers will be presented with “at least 16” skills and will be able to choose one for inclusion.  If the goal of $1.35 million is achieved then backers may choose a second skill tree for inclusion.

The final stretch goal that has been achieved, at the time of writing, is the surpassing of $1 million.  With this the developers have pledged to provide racial skills for players.

“Imagine: a Wood Elf able to summon an army of shambling trees; a Lizard recalling the devastating powers of his draconic ancestors; a Dwarf with the authority of the Empress; a human so good at pickpocketing, he can even catch his own party mates unawares…”

The project still has more than a month to attract additional funding and with only $500,000 to go it seems almost certain they’ll reach their goals.

A full list of the stretch goals can be read on their Kickstarter page.

Are you looking forward to Original Sin 2?  What do you want to see included?  Let us know in the comments below.

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