Double Fine Productions, along with publishing studio Adult Swim Games, has recently announced their latest title, Headlander. The game seems like a typical 2-D sci-fi shooter, almost reminiscent of Flashback. The difference, however, seems to be that humanity has thrown away their bodies, meaning that everyone has a robotic body with a human head in a space helmet. The space helmet seems to act as a USB port for the head, allowing the head to detach and re-attach to other bodies.

The trailer shows off some of the more interesting parts of the mechanics. Playing as a dog was one of the more adorable options. One of the more practical options was kicking an enemy’s head off their body, then using their body to plow through enemies. While no set release date has been announced, Headlander’s site states that it will come out sometime in 2016. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of Double Fine’s latest production!

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